COVID-19 Safety

In order to ensure the safety of our staff and all of you we will be implementing new safety protocols.

Reduced blow dry services. While we will open for hair services, we will be minimizing the air flow as much as possible while finishing our haircut and color guests. We will be utilizing natural drying techniques, air diffusers and hot tools to finish hair as much as possible.

Prior to entering, we ask you to please leave your personal items in your car, with the exception of your cell phone, keys, and form of payment.

Our waiting room will remain closed. We ask that once you arrive at your appointed time to please call the salon to let us know you have arrived and wait in your vehicle until your service provider is ready for you. Once you enter the salon, we will guide you to a sanitizing station.

We will ask you to sign a service agreement acknowledging that you do not have any ill symptoms and asking if you’ve been in contact with someone in the past 14 days with Covid-19. Any guest that has come into contact with anyone with Covid-19 in the past 14 days will be asked to reschedule their appointment to a later date.

Any guest who feels ill must reschedule their appointment for 14 days later.

At this time we will not be able to accommodate walk-in service guests.

Consider wearing an extra layer. Because face masks will be required, we will be keeping the salon at a cooler temperature. Please wear an extra layer to ensure you are comfortable.

We do prefer electronic payment if at all possible for all retail and service purchases.

We ask that any guest that would like to purchase product while in the salon ask for the assistance of a salon staff member instead of self-serving temporarily.

If any guest is coming in solely to purchase a product, please call us with your product request and we will bring them to you curbside.

Please visit solo. We will not be able to allow additional guests such as children, friends, or partners at this time. If a child is unable to receive their service without accompaniment, we will try to accommodate their parent or caregiver as close as possible.

Our complimentary beverages have been temporarily suspended at this time.

All of our staff members will adhere to any and all protocols as well.

We thank you for your patience during this difficult time and will do all that we can to provide you with a comfortable and safe experience.

We will always LIVE it, BREATH it, and CREATE the best experience we can!!!

Marion Salon Spa team

As always, we welcome your suggestions in improving your safety as well as your experience here at Marion Salon Spa.