Why You Should Get a Massage TODAY!

….instead of waiting until the morning you wake up with a stiff neck or can barely get out of bed due to back pain.

In the past few weeks I have had several clients come to me in excruciating pain. I can’t help but put this reminder out to everyone- pain is an indication that our musculoskeletal system may not be functioning as efficiently and smoothly as it could be. And usually there are some indications early on that something needs to be done sooner rather than later.

If personal experience in my body and working with countless numbers of other bodies has taught me anything its that these incidents of discomfort can be prevented well before we are in serious discomfort. We only need to take the time to listen to our bodies and respond. The sooner you react and address some of these early warning signs – the faster your recovery and the less likely you are to fall victim to reoccurring injury and discomfort.

Some early signs it might be time to take a time out and schedule a massage:

-sudden sharp stabs of pain in any part of the body with everyday movement- turning, lifting, standing- i.e. muscular pain during just about any activity is not a sign for alarm just an indication that you could use a little tlc;
-tenderness on the bottoms of feet or general muscle stiffness when getting out of bed in the morning;
-reoccurring headaches after a long day at the computer;
-restless nights sleep one night or several nights in a row;

Massage therapists are not doctors but it has become quite obvious to the folks that are -stress is the main cause of disease in the body.

Been spending a few extra hours at the office each night this week? Just finish a big project? Spend a weekend with your in laws? The truth is that all work and no play or reward for ourselves will surely catch up to us sooner or later. So what are you waiting for?

A massage today will:

-improve sleep – this is huge! Studies have shown that poor sleep quality decrease our pain threshold therefore perpetuating the pain/spasm/pain cycle i.e. the system that goes awry when we suddenly find ourselves literally stuck with a stiff neck or back after a terrible nights sleep;

-improve circulation

-improve flexibility

-improve range of motion

-improve the efficiency of how you use your muscles in your body by giving feedback to the nervous system about holding patterns and tension in the body, therefore

-improving body awareness and overall feelings of well being, therefore

-reducing reoccurring pain & injury.

Coming up next time- self care tips to help maintain those warm fuzzy feelings for the days after your massage.

-Leah LMT