You use your hands to express everyday. Making time for your hard working hands and feet is a spa treatment no one should be without. Beyond simply beautifying your nails, hands and feet, our technicians enhance your experience with a soothing gentle touch.

Signature Manicure

Soak in warm sudsy, aromatic water to soften cuticles. After nails and cuticles are gently shaped, your hands are wrapped with an aroma infused steam towel. Your hands and arms are massaged with warm Aveda Hand Relief TM lotion, and finished with a perfect polish.

Single Service37+
Series of 3111.15
French Series of 3131.10

Spa Manicure

Relax in soothing warm rose water and milk to soften the skin and nourish the nails. A manicure is performed to help clean up cuticles and shape the nails. An aroma infused steam towel is applied to prepare the hands and arms for massage. Hands are then folded in warm paraffin for more intense moisturizing and finished with a perfect polish.

Single Service47+
Series of 3139.65
French Series of 3159.60

Gel Manicure

We begin with a dry manicure to shape your nails and then use a polish that is cured under U.V. lights to prolong the life of your manicure. U.V. blocking gloves are available to wear while polish is drying under lights. To remove the polish you simply soak them off. There is no abrasive drilling.

Single Service50+
Series of 3151.05
French Series of 3171

Full Set of Hard Gel Manicure

Hard gel is cured to be tough enough to be an extension of your natural nail.

Full Set Hard Gel Manicure78+
Hard Gel Fill63+

Signature Pedicure

After a warm sudsy soak with Aveda Rosemary Mint Wash, we clean up your toe nails and treat cuticles. A foot filing softens calluses followed by a lotion application to relieve tired feet. Completed with a beautiful polish.

Single Service56+
Series of 3168.15
French Series of 3188.10

Spa Pedicure

A foaming soak with pleasurable aromas begins this renewing process for the perfect pedicure. Experience Aveda’s Aqua Therapy salt scrub to soften and smooth skin while increasing circulation. A moisturizing Aveda mask is applied and aroma infused steam towels are wrapped around feet. A relaxing massage for the feet and calves followed by a beautiful polish completes this luxurious experience.

Single Service74+
Series of 3222.3
French Series of 3242.25

Polish Change

Fingers / Toes27