Hair is our personal accessory that speaks volumes about us. Taking into consideration who you are and the look you want to achieve is the expertise of our hair professionals. All hair cutting services begin with a stress relieving treatment. Our hairdressing assistant will massage aromatherapy oils gently into your scalp and continue down your neck to your shoulders to relax and relieve stressful muscles and begin your hair cutting experience.

Prices subject to change depending upon service, hair depth and length.

Shampoo, Haircut and Style

Women50 - 85
Men33 - 60
Children (Under 13 yrs)33 - 50
Bang Trim15+
Complimentary to our returning guests.
Shampoo and Blow Dry40 - 60
Shampoo w/ Set or Iron Work60 - 85
Iron Work20+
Curly and Textured Transformation Haircut 105+
Curly and Textured Cut Express (Price based on consultation)
This quick, dry-dusting and reshaping service takes 30 minutes or less. (No shampoo is included)
Women’s Curly and Textured Bounce Back Treatment 115+
A deep cleanse is followed with a custom mask to strengthen damaged curls and deeply hydrate extra dry curls.
A consultation is required for all Curly and Textured haircuts.

Vomor™ Hair Extensions

Achieve fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair in just 15 minutes. Hair extensions have become more mainstream, appealing to women looking to add color, volume or length – just for fun or for a special occasion.

Vomor is aligned with AVEDA’s company values and mission. These hair enhancements are available in 3 lengths (12″, 16″, 20″) and a range of 35 shades aligned to the AVEDA color wheel.

Recommended wear is 6-8 weeks; extensions are to be applied and removed by a licensed stylist only. VoMor extensions are safe and do not damage hair. They are comfortable, natural, undetectable and fast to apply and remove (in-salon only).

Hair Extensions Services (consultation required)246+


Damage or Dry Remedy Deep Conditioning Mask30
Botanical Repair Treatment35
Aveda Protein Treatment25
Kerasilk Treatment35+
Kerasilk Masks25+
Dualsenses Protein Treatments20+

Hair Coloring

Base80 - 95
With Blow Dry95 - 120
With Hair Cut and Style125 - 177
Extra Color30+
Color Correction
Determined upon consultation.
Men's Color/Cut80 - 105
Clear Coat35+

High/Low Lighting

Per Foil10
Partial90 - 110
Under 10 Foils
Partial/Color/Blowdry150 - 190
Partial/Cut 135 - 185
Partial/Color/Cut185 - 255
Half Head100 - 130
Front & sides to the crown.
Half Head/Color/Blowdry160 - 210
Half Head/Cut 150 - 200
Half Head/Color/Cut205 - 275
Full Head120 - 145
Full head/Color/Blowdry 180 - 230
Full Head/Cut180 - 225
Full Head/Color/Cut215 - 300
Balayage, Ombre, Eclipting and Fashion Color210+

Permanent Waving and Smoothing

Permanent Waving105 - 150
With Haircut and Style172 - 200
Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment105 per hour
Makes unruly hair manageable. Softens waves and smooths the overall hair structure. Reduces daily styling time significantly. Includes Kerasilk Control Shampoo and Conditioner.