Self Care

A more subtle benefit of massage is that it encourages us in realizing that we make better decisions and enjoy life more when we feel good. We have this opportunity to spend time in our bodies and we almost as if suddenly feel empowered. When we feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually well rested and nourished our quality of life, regardless of the circumstances is improved exponentially- we start savoring the simple taste of food, enjoying our livelihoods and relationships, sleeping better, and suddenly finding more time to do more things that are meaningful to us. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

So where do we start? Maybe you’ve already made time in your busy schedule for a massage once a month, or you go to the gym after work a few nights a week. But maybe some tiredness or pain from an old injury still lingers. All we really have to do is up the anty a tiny bit more…

Let’s start simple. This week I’ll start with listing all the things that I find myself offering to my clients time and time again. Then in my next blog we’ll move forward in the following weeks by talking in more depth about how and why to make any or each of these ideas apart of your every week or even everyday routine.

-Epsom salts and other home hydrotherapy treatments

-Stretching problem areas

-Food/nutrition/eating well

-Our Breath and it’s impact on how our body feels

-Getting Adequate Sleep

-Getting Adequate Hydration

-Exercise as stress relief

-Specific area self care for particular aliments/injuries ie self foot massage with tennis balls; wall angels; car seat neck stretch